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SoFlaQuer's finishing sauce

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I just wanted to say I tried this finishing sauce on my pulled pork yesterday. I was already completely satisfied with my pork but this just sent it over the top. This is my favorite thing Ive done since I started q'in a few years ago. As simple as it is, I couldn't not believe what a difference it made. I plan on trying it out on the boys at work today. They are in for a real treat. Thanks SoFlaQuer and everyone else here that provide so much wonderful and tasty knowledge.
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Which finishing sauce are you talking about. I would love to give it a shot.
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Hey rb, here it is... And it can't be beat, it's da bomb !!!biggrin.gif
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I'm sure he is referring to the one you get when you sign up for the ecourse. It is simple a great finishing sauce for pulled pork. I love it spicy and tangy yum!

@ JaxGatorz That is the one!
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Tried this about two months ago now I use it everytime did one slight mod just a bit more brownsuger to satisfy the wifey.
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This stuff is a must when I'm cooking for a group of cuts down on the gaminess of the pork.

This stuff just tastes good.
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Ye sit is a good finishing sauce I use it all the time.
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I use it every time I do pp, wife insists on it.

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Haven't gone without it since I first tried it....icing on the cake man!

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