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Water Pan Recipes?

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In some of your photos, I noticed some of you added things to the liquid vessel of your vert smoker (sprigs of herbs come to mind).

Is this standard?

Can anyone recommend a good recipe for this?

Also, can you use fruit juice or beer in these things?


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I normally put apple juice in if I'm doing pork. I've not tested to see if this really imparts any flavor to the meat. I usually do half apple juice and half water.

My suggestion is to try out things that would normally accompany your meat. A buddy of mine used cut up apples this weekend and said it really had a good flavor.

Try it out and then report back!
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The overall consensus is it does nothing to impart flavor.

But it does smell nice while the smoker is going. biggrin.gif

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Yea some say it adds flavor and some say it doesn't do anything to the flavor of the meat. I am not sure my suggestion would be to try both ways and see what YOU think. Apple juice and water is a real common one that people use.
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i use only water for moisture
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