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Spur of the moment Chix on the WSM

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Had a slighty later than normal dinner, decided to do some last minute spatchcock chickens on the WSM. One got hit with Bad Byrons Butt Rub, the other got hit John Henrys East Texas Pacific Northwest Oriental Rub (say that 10x fast biggrin.gif). The Pac. NW rub one got a basting of burbon pineaple glaze thinned with some rum.

Smoked at 250° (lid temp) with mesquite for 3 hrs. till breast and thigh read 180° internal. Served with a caeser salad and baked tater... good eats!

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Nice looking meal you have there for one. I like it. How about some points.gif
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The sesame seeds in the NW Oriental Rub were a nice addition. They got golden crunchy brown and released their oils real well. The sesame wasn't overpowering, but it added a nice "differant" flavor.
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How do you like the Bad Byrons on the chicken. I picked up a big bottle last year and I don't care for it on ribs as it is too salty. I bet it tastes good on chicken though. I have been waiting to try it on a beer butt chicken.
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It is great on chicken, and would go great on beef as well. I would agree that it is to salty to use on pork all by itself, but if you mix it into some brown sugar it does make a nice quick rub for ribs.

I have two good sized chuckies in the fridge that I am going to hit with Bad Byrons and smoke for pulling. Should be awesome.
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Man your chicken looks awesome and really delicious too. Now your plate looks like one fine dinner for the herd working cook. I have tried an couple of the John Henry's rubs and I wasn't very impressed so I gave up. Now you use this stuff what does it taste like and is it salty tasting.????
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I bought it because it was on closeout at 50% off... lol, but it isn't bad. Very low salt, very mild subtle flavors. It was OK on the chicken, but I piled it on fairly heavy - I would recomend it for things like fish and veggy's. I think it would be awesome on something like hallibut, or tillapia. For veg, maybe something like cauliflower or broccoli, but definately not limited to those.
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