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Meatloaf w/Qview

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My wife really likes the meatloaf mix one of the local meat markets sells so I went to get some the other day and they didn't have any fresh made up. They did say they could just sell me the seasoning pack and I could pick up some ground meat and make my own. When they brought out the spice back I noticed it was A.C. Legg's brand and that you add it to 8 lbs of meat. They did tell me to add a small green pepper and a small onion both chopped to the mix. So I did that and made two pans up here they are
Mixed and ready for the smoker
Out of the smoke




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Man Jerry, that looks awesome. Going to make for some good sammies tomorrow also. points.gif
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Looks like a feast Jerry. Some mashed potaoes and gravy, and a veggie and I would be in heaven.
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I have not tried meatloaf yet, but after looking how good that looks it will be on my short list
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Smoked Meatloaf is one of my favorites.
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Here is the link to the spices...
Meatloaf is my most wanted ....
Good looking, where did you get the pans look special.
Did you use the 8lb of meet or add different meat like sausage
Good qview..
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Great looking meat loaves, Jerry. I was hunting around for a recipe just recently.
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Great looking meat loafs that deserve some points.gif
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omg those look great!! how was the leggs seasoning?
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Meatload is one of my true loves. Very well done Jerry. points.gif
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looks good jerry!!! Leggs are good tasting spices, i use their snack stick spice mix sometimes. if you look at the ingreds, they are listed in order by the amount in the mix, most to least. might give you a clue if ya want to try and duplicate your own from scratch.

i need to try some meat loaf one day. its one thing we just dont do around here, been a long time since i had meatloaf. points.gifyour way man!!! thks for sharing.
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Looks great, wish I was there to help put some of that away.
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that meatloaf really looks perfect!!! now i have to make it!!
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I use the disposable cheap aluminum foil pans then just poke drain holes in the bottom of them. I used 8 lbs and just divided into the two pans. I didn't add pork this time I used all fresh ground chuck

The Legg's seasoning was very good I know many people mix their own spices but this sure makes it easy and tastes great. It had dried peppers and stuff in it but the guy at the meat market said to add a small green pepper and a small onion to the mix and since the wife has had their's before I tried to make it the way they do. I will be ordering some of these spice packs when I make another order at Columbia Spice
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really nice looking run of meatloafs there piney.

really nice. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Those look great! I might have to pick up a seasoning packet too, but sheesh, 8 pounds! icon_wink.gif I thought 4 was a lot. biggrin.gif
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Man Jerry, that looks AWSOME! How come you never make that at camp? LOL
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