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Baby Back Ribs 2-2.5-.5

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Ok I gave in, my wife keeps telling me she likes the ribs to fall off the bone, So I changed up the plan and wow it was a success. Made some ABT's and Baked Beans too

Here are the ribs


ABT prep


Before the foil

ABT's Done



I was worried after the foil that they may be too mushy, but they firmed up just fine. I cooked them at 225-250 and used a wine soaked oak

Thank you for looking
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nice looking feast, especially those beans and the ribs....points.gif
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Yes. I have to agreed. Great looking spread there. Now I need to go eat. points.gif
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yeah the beans were just something I thought of last minute and they were very good, bushs baked beans, kidney beans, drippings from the ribs, apple juice ( they were drying out and I just figured that may work and did) and a little bbq sauce
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Now that's one fine looking feast you have there. I really like the BB I have found them to be more then yummy here lately.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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If mama's happy everyone is happy. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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OK I hope my pre-prom party for the g.daughters work out as well as the ribs you have.

good looking ribs and beans, ABT's...
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It just made me happy biggrin.gif
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Sorry ne here but what is an ABT?? They look friggin amazing and if there is bacon in it I am sure it is.
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Hey rangers.. Here is a link that will take u to the abt forums... They are stuffed peppers and u can put all kinds of things in them...My favorite is crab meat and cream cheese, wrapped with bacon of course..Read some of these threads for ideas.Happy smokes.
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What's the 2-2.5-.5 for? I'm assuming it's a 2 hour smoke, then 2.5 hours in foil, then .5 hours out of foil to finish?
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they look great
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Is it too late for me to come over?
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very nice!!!!!! wine soaked is a good idea
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Looks great! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif On the wine soaked oak, what up with it, just saturate the oak in it in place of water?
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great job

Awesome. I love those barky ribs!
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