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grill question??

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does anyone know what they call the flat iron thing that you put on you grill to blackin meats and fish?? I would like to get one for my grill but i dont know what they are called or where to get one.
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I'm not sure what you mean.
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I just use a cast iron griddle. They can be bought at Academy or other big sporting goods stores.
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Or do you mean something like this

A cast iron bacon press. Used a lot on flat top griddles to press food for even browning
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Its called a grill press. If you want to do the same thing for cheap use a paver brick and tin foil.
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No Need To Get One

Low And Slow And It Will Have Plenty Of Grill Marks And Blackining , I Found After 6-10 Hours Its Perrty As It Gets
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yes this is exactly what i am looking for thanks!!!
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You're very welcome, glad I could help.biggrin.gif
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how does this griddle blacken the meat

looks like a nice add-on for bacon and eggs
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Hhmmm, smoked pancakes......
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get it real hot but some blacking magic on the meat and throw iy on
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one more question

what is blacking majic

I checked out the griddles today at the local BBQ store, very nice put pricey
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