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I am going to smoke some boneless chicken breast today and 2 racks of spares. How long does it take to smoke the chicken? I am guessing about 2 hours? Any help on the chicken would be great. Thanks.
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It should be about two hours, but you still want to smoke them until they reach a safe internal temp of 167°-170°. Also, from my experience smoking boneless breast is best done at the lower end of smoking temps to keep them from drying out.
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What he just said.
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That's a fact. If you can soak them in a brine for 2 to 3 hours it will help a lot to keep them moist.
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Wouldn't hurt to wrap them in bacon to keep the outside from drying out.
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I with Laurel on this one too. I would use bacon so to protect them from drying out.
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