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cutting up a hog video

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Found this on Google video, shows pretty well how to cut up a hog, where the major parts come from. He cut the ham off the loin a little high, leaving too much loin on the ham, but other than that it's pretty accurate. You further process the shoulder, taking the backbone off, cutting it in half separating the butt and shoulder, etc.

here's another also that is good:
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I enjoyed that...Thanks
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Here's the best site ever for your reference.
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Great site! Thanks!
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Thanks pops, Not being a hunter I don't know how or what it looks like to bone a pig out. Now I have learned some more. Just goes to show you if you stay here you will still learn more and more stuff about our fine craft.
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Great links guys. I just watched 12-15 video's on butchering a pig and helped me out a lot. I wish I knew more about butchering and the different cuts of meat and where they come from. I learned a lot and will be watching more of them.
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Well that brought back memories from a long time ago!!
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WOW, those are some excellent videos, thanks for posting. I can't wait till I kill another hog. I wasted alot of valuable meat off the last one we killed. I certainly won't be wasting much of anything from now on. really great videos, thanks again

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Wow I did not know there were videos like that,thanks

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Pops thanks, that was very educating.

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Pops, that was MOST educational.  Until now I didn't know the difference between Spare, Baby Back and Country style ribs, let alone where Ham hocks come from!  That should be required watching for anyone working pork on a smoker!


Very good post; thanks for sharing,


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