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Jumbo Stuffed Burgers, Hotdogs, and whole Cauliflower W/ qview

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Cooked on the smoker tonight. I have been wanting to try something like those big stuffed burgers I seen on here the other day, and a whole head of cauliflower. Cooked some dogs, and plain burgers for the kids.

For some reason my pictures indoors come out crappy, but here goes.

Little of this a little of that. Ground sirloin, red, yellow, orange, and green bell peppers, a yellow onion, fresh mushroom slices, Weber Smokey Mestique, gourmet hamburger seasonings, worcishire, provolone, and swiss cheese.

On the smoker, hamburgers, corn on the cob, Jumbo stuffed burgers, and a head of cauliflower.

An hour and a half or so in, added the hotdogs.

Cauliflower (sorry about the picture)

One of the Jumbo stuffed burgers, they had an awsome smoke rig. I wish the picture was better. (again, sorry about the picture)

I have to figure out what I am doing wrong with my camera, but everything was great. And thank you to those who posted those inspiring post about their stuffed burgers.
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Do you have a camera that zooms when you are trying to focus the picture? Because if that is the case, then just wait until the pic comes into focus. What cha using there?
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I am not sure, it's a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi 10.1MP 55mm Lense + Extras
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Yeah. I think that when you are too close to your subject, your focus is still trying to lock in & you end up snapping the picture before this happens. Try this, stand further away from your pic, zoom in until you have clarity & desired closeness, then snap the pic. That might make the difference. Post back with a qview of a sample in the "TEST" area. Show me the results.
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Looks like you had a full load, everything looks great man.

How did the temps hold for ya today?

A while back my camera was turning out the same typw of pics and it turned out I had it set to a outdoor setting of some sort. I changed it to full auto and all is good now.
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Yea, I don't think I'll be doing those jumbo stuffed butgers for awhile. They were great, but man they were alot of work. lol
The temps were much better, maybe a little high, but what I cooked did alright. I stayed at around 250 for over 2 1/2 hours, had to add a chimney of coals once. I still haven't got everything sealed up yet, and I need to make me another door for my firebox. That last real windy storm a couple weeks ago knocked our gazebo over on my smoker and bent the heck out of that door.
I'll have to see if it has a separate setting for that. I know I have the one setting on sport, because I am rather shaky.
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What Caveman said----I used to have the same problem.

If that doesn't help, set the beer down while taking the picture. It's much easier to hold the camera steady!

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beautiful looks like you had a bunch over!!!!!
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I was really tired when I replied to you last night, and somehow missed half of you reply. lol I think I have figured it out, the Auto Focus was off (I just figured out there was a little switch lol). This camera is sorta new to me, I am still figuring it out. Originally, I bought it for my wife about two years ago, she never used it except a couple off times. Well when I got on here and start getting into smoking more, I took it over.

Beer's not the problem, I really don't drink much anymore, takes me several months to go through a six pack of Bud Longnecks, I still have one in the fridge. lol

Thank you, yes I always have left overs, that's just the way I cook.
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Everything looks like it came out great (From what I can see. he he) I finally got around to making some stuffed burgers (we call them Juicy Lucy's being from MN) last weekend and I love them.
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It was all really good, but they sure take olot of work to make. I thnk I am going to try and find me a good patty mold before I do these again. I think that would make things a little easier, and help even out the burger meat.
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