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Is there a Dr. in the (smoke)house?

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Just curious, if one were alergic to tree nuts, could they have a reaction to smoked food if it were smoked with woods like Pecan?

Anyone have any idea?
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Is it just the nuts that they are allergic to or is it even when they are around that tree type they have a reaction?
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I know i'm allergic to poison ivy and the smoke from burning it is way worse for me than skin contact w/ the plant.
I would not recomend risking it.
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I would call the Doctor first.
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I don't know. I think it is just the nuts. I was wondering if anyone else has had an experience with nut alergies.

Today's dinner isn't an issue but we have a close friend who has severe nut alergies and I was just curious. I asked her about smoking with that type of wood, but she wasn't sure.

I certainly wouldn't want to risk it.
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If it was a problem for someone, maybe Hickory would be bad too??

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I would just use cherry or apple and avoid the problem entirely.
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I haven't heard of anyone being allergic to smoke but like Eman said I would be really careful. I would try apple now it's my favorite wood for smoking anyway.
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The EPA says:
I'd think that the nut would also be included.
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My BIL is highly allergic to all forms of tree nuts but has no issues when I use pecan or hickory.
I Googled and researched it because I was wondering and there was nothing I found that showed any relation between allergies and smoked foods not to mention he has eaten stuff I smoked many times and never once had any issues.
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