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Third Smoke First Chuckie with Qview

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I just took delivery of a split half of beef. So I've got about 10 chuck roasts.

I just pulled out two of them to thaw for tomorrow. So far the plan is to put a rub on them tonight after they thaw. Then tomorrow I've read on here that I should get them to 160 then foil them then get them to 210. At that point I think I'll put them in the cooler for an hour or two until dinner time.

I'm new to the qview process and my first picture of the frozen roasts is large. I'm not sure how to shrink them. (Now I think I shrunk it too small LOL) I'll stick with 640x480 like Bassman suggests. Thank you sir!

Also, these roasts have bones in them. Does that seem right? In the other pictures that I've seen of chuckies I didn't notice any bones.

Any and all advice is great appreciated.

Frozen Chuckies

Wish me luck.
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When uploading to photobucket, set your upload size to 640X480 and the size will be perfect every time you post.
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I've done chucks with the bone in, no difference. If you take them over 200*, most likely the bones will just fall right out. Have a great smoke, look forward to the Q.
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The Chuckies after a night with olive oil and rub. They are both right around three pounds. At 220-240 how long does every think it'll take to get to 160?

I plan on foiling then bringing them to 210. Is that a good plan?

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Its hard to say how long it will take to get them up to temp. Every cut of meat is different and cooks differently. It all depends on how much fat, how thick they are etc. I usually figure around 1.5 hours per lb of meat on Pork & Beef cuts. But when planning my timeline I usually figure 1.75 or some times 2 hours per lb especially when its my first time with that particular cut of meat so that I know I give myself plenty of time. There is nothing worse than having hungry people around waiting for supper saying is it done yet is it done yet when is it going to be done. The truth is its done when the temp probe says its done. Your plan sounds good are you planning to pull them or slice them? I love a good sliced chuckie sandwich. The left overs are even better. I make extra and freeze it so I can have a sandwich when I am in a time crunch for supper.
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Here is my first update. The wife wanted to try some bacon wrapped mushrooms so I got those on first.

I also figured I try stuffed peppers boat style this time. We'll just eat the apps as they get done leading up to the chuckies.

These have a few bones in them so I was planning on pulling them this time. I wait to see how they turn out first.

Sorry about the bad lighting. I'll try to do better when I take a look in an hour to spray them.
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Looking good.
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Mushrooms were a success. The last 15 minutes I put them in a foil tin with some mild sauce the bride likes.

She is happy. More pictures to follow.

I can see now that I need a better thermometer situation. Here is my smoker. Hopefully you guys can give me some ideas.
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I am at the two hour mark. The meat is at 135. Getting close to foil time.

I'm able to hold the smoker temp right at 225. Let me know what you guys think. Should I be doing anything different? I've been spraying them with mix I read about on here.

Any help/tips/adivce is GREATLY appreciated.

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Man, those are looking good so far. I liked the bacon wrapped shrooms. I'll have to make some of those next weekend with the chicken I'm planning on doing.
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looks like you got it well under control. just dont pull it till your internal temp is around 200-210*and keep the therm. away from the bone.
Im sure it will be a success.
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Looks like you are doing good..
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I think I'm having a stall like I've read about. I'll check the meat temp again in 30 minutes but I was still reading 140.

The smoker is still at 225. I'm kinda glad the temps aren't going up too fast. I don't want to rush this. I still have 4 hours before supper time.

I'll get some more pictures before I foil them.
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You are doing just fine. You will usually stall around the 150 range give or take X amount of degrees. I love smoked mushrooms. I usually remove teh stems and fill the inside with a mix of cream cheese, onion and jimmy deans sausage.
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rbranstner, what are you smoking today? Or are you taking the day off?
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Tip. I have the same model smoker. Every time that lid comes up, you have to build your heat back up after you close it. Keep your peeking down to a minimum & just let the smoker smoke. Invest in a wireless thermo. Maverick ET-73. You'll be Thankful later. You're doing a great job.
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Great tip. I'll read about those Thermos tonight.

We're at 4.5 hours. They have been foiled. I messed up. I didn't take pictures before I foil them.

I will before we eat them.
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Here is a picture of the finished product. I think it turned out fine. At the end of the day it is the best chuck roast we've had but I was wishing I was taking some ribs off the smoker instead.

Also, I prefer doing the peppers boat style. Easier to prepare and the worked great in the foil pan. One less thing to clean also.

Thank you for all of your input. Next purchase will be a new thermo.

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