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MMM, Beef spares with QView

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I got an early start on the weekend! I was perusing the meat department at Dillons and saw one lonely, scrawny rack of beef spare ribs. the price was right, but the rack looked pitiful. Mr. butcher dude comes out and I ask him about the beef ribs. He told me he had a pile he had cut, but had not weighed or packaged yet. He offered to go and hand pick a couple of racks for me. How could I refuse?? I went home with three racks and a plan.
Around noon I lovingly prepped the beef and fired up Ol' Faithful!

Hmmm, a beautiful spring day, tasty meat in the smoker. I decided to salute the TBS with a cold beer.

After 2 1/2 hours of pecan goodness at around 240F, it was time to foil the ribs. Here is a shot of the racks just before foiling. I applied a generous dollop of apple juice, and placed them back in the smoker. I also applied another generous dollop of beer to the chef :)

MMMM, unfoiled the ribs 4 1/2 hours into the adventure. Left them in the smoker to firm up a bit. With 20 minutes to go I mopped some sauce on them. Now ready to slice and serve!!

So sorry, NO leftovers. The family was happy, which means the chef was happy!!!
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Great looking beef ribs. points.gif
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truely that just made me hungry and I think it is spares for sunday
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Some nice beef ribs there.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Perfect timing I was just asking about beef ribs.
Those looks awesome I'm going for the 123 method for sure this time.
All together about how much time in the smoke ?
Thank you.
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It was a "modified" 3-2-1. A little less than three hours before foiling, two hours in foil, followed by about 40 minutes to firm up.
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They look awesome ,thanks for that !
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