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beef ribs ?

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I love beef ribs but I always seem to screw them up at home.
What I'm looking for is nice tender juicy ribs with a nice bark .
There's a BBQ joint in town that has the best beef ribs, of coarse they won't help me out.
Can anyone save me some grief, and share with me how I should smoke these things with out drying them out ?
Smoke temp ?
Pull back 3/4 to 1 " ?
Thanks a bunch.

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Take a look at this, it is the 3 2 1 method, I use it and it works great for me, you can also get it from the links on the left
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Thanks looks like I was waiting on way to much pull back.
One more thing do you remove the membrane on your beef ribs ?
Thanks a bunch.
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Have you made pork ribs before? I have never tried Beef ribs but if I were to do them I would try the 3-2-1 method for sure.
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Yeah my pork ribs are money !
It looks like I have been over cooking my beef ribs on the smoker, in the oven I get them pretty close but not the same as good BBQ beef ribs.

I have never used the 123 method before ,I never needed to with my pork ribs.
Guess I'll give it a whirl this time around with the beef ribs !
Thanks guys.
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