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corn beef brisket question...what do i do

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I smoked a 12 ib brisket quite awhile ago,i marinaded in gold bond brisket sauce, hickory smoke at 225 for 18 hrs and wrappped in foil and towels in cooler [ wife thought i was nuts } and it turned out really well, now she wants another one tomorrow. Wally world was $4.97 per pound so i bought 2 corn beef briskets in stead, these are the points..could someone give me some insight...225 for how long per pound, should i marinade in brisket sauce or not, inject with sweet baby rays [ my idea ] or what...i had Pastrami in mind so i dont think i want either of the 2 sauces, i dont know...some insight from some of you pitmasters would be greatly appreiciated..Thanks.
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Get them in some water and soak them overnight changing the water 2-3 times, be sure to keep them cool as well.
You want to soak them to get a lot of the saltiness out.
Before smoking them take out of the water, pat dry and apply a rub.
For strami I like some cracked black pepper, coriander, garlic, paprika and a little brown sugar.
For smoking you can do it a few ways.
Some folks treat it like a brisket and cook to 190 is then wrap and so forth but corned beef is a lot more tender than a regular brisket due to the curing process so it doesn't need to be cooked as long.
Normally flats are used for slicing strami because they are so much leaner than a point but the point does work.

My suggestion would be to cook the points until they hit 170-180 then remove from the smoker and either cool overnight and steam the next day or cool for an hour or two and then finish them in steam for 2 hours or so.
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thanks fire it up, i have read here about steaming, what does that actually do to the brisket, finish cooking it and why the steam, i'm asking this cause i simply just dont know
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I would have to agree with Jim (Fire it up) on this one. I would do just what he said, I have, I will, I'm gonna to.
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If you are going for a finish like a regular brisket you are going to need to soak that corned beef to get the goodness out of it. I would go for a Pastrami if I were you instead of trying to go for a regular brisket.
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Steaming helps make it even more tender as well as extremely juicy melt in your mouth goodness.
The reason I started steaming my strami is because that's how the delis in New York do it, Katz's Deli reheats and steams their strami for hours until it's ready to be served.

Now you've got me all worked up for some strami...
Don't think I have any left in the freezer icon_neutral.gif
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The first two I did not steam them and was disapointed .
The last few I did I smoked to 165* then before searving I steamed them for a hour .Makes all the differents in the world !
They turn out awesome.
Soak them as long as you can , with at least 3 water changes or they might be to salty for some peoples taste.

The next time I do them I'm going to pull them out of the smoker at 150* then steam for a hour.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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ok now i know, gonna try this out today, i'll post pics for this , thanks for the info guys.
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