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mustards...what kind do you prefer

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hi guys, i have been using hot german mustard out of the ceramic crock you may see.its seems to be the best for me...its like french's but much better
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I have nothing against a good spicy brown mustard, but the old stand by for me is Plochman's. I am not a fan of French's.
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Bookbinders Chipotle Mustard for me.
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I like creole mustard with some wine and spices in it. But a good yellow mustard for sauces is good to. We have 3 kinds in the refrig.
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Creole for me.
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(In my most snobbish tone.....) Grey Poupon.

Was using French's now using Dijon.
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I have a few in my fridge for different uses. I love Gulden's spicy brown mustard on anything that has sauer kraut, brats and on a salami sandwich. For BBQ purposes, most of the time I use yellow mustard - usually French's or Plochmans. I also have several recipes that call for Dijon and I love it on ham too.
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For sauces----Good old yellow mustard.

But for a Ham & Swiss on Rye ?????-----Grey Poupon or Dijon !

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any with horseradishbiggrin.gif
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I used yellow mustard for my chicken and i liked it
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Beaver Extra Hot Russian Mustard.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Koops "Arizona Heat" is one of my favorite mustards.
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Zatarain's Creole mustard is my favorite
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