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Poll Results: Baby Backs -- Foil or No Foil?

Poll expired: May 5, 2010  
  • 59% (22)
    Foil, without a doubt.
  • 40% (15)
    No Foil, don't need it.
37 Total Votes  
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I had to half the slabs to get them all in the smoker. They are looking mighty good though. I will post some QView later.

Note to self: buy a rib rack that will fit the MES 30.

I decided to go with a 3:1 Pecan, Mesquite Mix. I did Cherry on some cornish hens the other day and wanted something different. We'll see how it turns out.
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Good info.. I too recently purchased a Masterbuilt electric smoker. Question for anybody, do you keep water in the pan during the whole smoke when doing BB Ribs?
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I'm doing 2 racks of baby backs as I type - I never used the yellow mustard technique in my short smoking experience so I tried that with the rub on one rack and olive oil on the other with the rub. I'm excited to try both and see if I notice any difference. Also going to throw on a couple pork tenderloins a little later marinated in soy sauce, sesame oil, sugar, grated ginger, green onion, and garlic.
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It's my first time with the yellow mustard thing too. I was a little concerned about the mustard flavor coming through but I guess it is supposed to mellow out while cooking.

I have made ribs in the oven before, but this is my first try in a smoker.

Good luck with yur grub!
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From what I have read, yes. It keeps the heat from going too high and some say it adds to the moisture and tenderness of the meat.
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Thanks! I'll try and take some pics of the 2 before everyone dives in later!icon_smile.gif
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Got 3 racks of spares on that i st louis trimmed and used a 2/3 mustard 1/3 cane syrup slather on . Then applied my rib rub and onto the MES.
Have 2 pans of dutchs wicked beans on also one w/ a few jalapenos and one without.
Going to try the no foil method and just spritz w/ bourbon / coke / cherry juice every so often.
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I've used mustard and olive oil in the past to help my rub stick to the ribs I smoke and I haven't been able to detect any flavor difference between them and from those ribs that I've applied rub directly on the rack. All is good. Looking forward to Q-views if you can.
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