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Well I may get barred for this but LS is in my fridge and from time to time it is used in recipes not going on the smoker. Bbally mentioned rice and that is one. Some soups and sauces can be enhanced if not using smoked meat in them. Yes I slow smoke all my Q but in other areas it has a place is used correctlly.
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I was actually amuzed earlier because of a post I made of my spice cabinet. Middle shelf dead center. Now thats Hickory and not Mesquite by the way. It does have it's place here and there.
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Started using L.E.M. Liquid smoke. It seems far superior to other store brand, but is far more concentrated.
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thanks bbally, I use a rice cooker so I think I am going to try that tomorrow night.

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bbally I'm with you, yes liquid smoke definitely has it's place, but it's not a substitute for low and slow.

A big thank you for the Kai Fan tip (we add Chinese sausage to it also), I will try some LS in it, that will take it over the top!

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slow and low is the way to go

brother skip the liquid smoke and turn down the heat and relax throw back a few budweisers and you will never need that stuff. PDT_Armataz_01_42.gif
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It will definately add some depth to the traditional chicken and rice dinner. And it should offset the marinate tang just right.
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I troo have a bottle of LS in my spice cabinet.
It never touches a bit of meat that goes on my grill or smoker. At least not by itself.
I use a tbsp of LS in my bbq sauce.
and i have been known to add it to meat balls or meat loaf if not going on the smoker.
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