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Landmann 2-Drawer vs. 1 Door

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Bass Pro has the new Landmann 2 drawer, and the older GOSM 1 door models.. and I'm wondering which one to get. They're only 30 bucks difference.

It looks like the GOSM has 2 times the cubic area for meats... but lacks the drawers...

I'm wondering if having the drawers is better then having twice the room? If the unit is twice in size, does your meat take on less smoke? I've only smoked Ribs in the past, and I sprayed them with cider every 45 minutes, so i had to open the lid/door anyway.. but I wouldn't be doing that so much with other cuts... which leaves me puzzeled... as to which is better.. Obviously a larger 2 draw would have been nice...

Hope you can give me some great advice!

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I have the 2 drawer gosm, and I love it, you don't lose heat adding water or wood so that's a plus, although I'm considering ordering another water pan drawer and water pan to replace the wood chip one, I think it's to small and I have to keep adding chips, but aside from that, it holds temps well, and doesn't seem to have leaks
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Thanks for your reply.

Do you ever feel like you wish it was wider? Can you put 2 racks of spare ribs on 1 shelf, or have to cut them in half?

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Now I have the single door GOSM and it worked really great for the 2-3 years that I used it pretty heavily too. I would think that the two door would be better for you will not have to open the smoker to tend to the chips or water pan.
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I bought the single door one from basspro shop. I have only had it about 2weeks I did smoke some spare rib this past weekend and they turned out great. I can put one whole slab on one rack I do not have to cut them in half. I did not lose much heat when I added wood or water I open the door pull my tray out added wood and the tray was back in with in a min. I did have my stuff ready to go kinda like a pit stop. lol. I am real happy with it. I am smoking some butts and more ribs this weekend. So for 30 buck more I would get the bigger single door one. But that is just me. Good luck on what ever you get.
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