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Question UDS LID

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My brother found some 55 gallon drums that are new never used open lid. The man he purchased it from told him the lids were galvanized but I have not seen them yet. If they were galvanized would it be safe to paint both sides of it with high heat paint and use or should the lid not be used at all. Also is there a way to tell if it is galvanized just by looking at it. For his build we were looking into getting a kettle lid from big lots anyway but I have not done any mesurements for him to see if it would fit. Any advice would be awesome.
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I wouldn't suggest painting it. It is is indeed galvanized I would try burning it out. Either get a hot fire going in the drum and put the lid on the top or get a torch and try to burn it off. Probably would rather burn it with a fire so you don't have to be around the fumes. Are they saying only the lid is galvanized or the whole inside of the drum?
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Only the lid the guys exact words were that the lid appered to be galvanized. I wont see the drums until tommarow or sunday. I looked around and have not been able to find 55 drums on the internet galvanized and it looks like the lids have to be special ordered. This guy had about 100 drums all the same I doubt the were galvanized just want to be on the safe side.
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here is the craigs list ad that he bought them from.
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flip that lid and build a fire on it too just in case
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Gonna take mesurements but pretty sure gonna add a kettle lid. they are painted inside and out will this effect the burnout?
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if it turns out to be galvanized, grind it off. Better safe then risking making someone sick PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Is there a way I can test to see if it is galvanized. I heard vinger will make zinc bubble would a scratch in the metal then dipped in vinager work?
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I have seen more drums containing more stuff in my life than you could Imagine, and I have never seen one galvanized, and in those pictures they look like they aren't.
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I haven't seen a lot but I can't imagine why the lid would be galvanized.

By the way, if you plan on using the lid, don't put it on the barrel when you do the burn out. The lid will likely warp and won't seal worth a damn after that. Then you'll be chasing temps all the time on your UDS. You need a lid that fits good for good temp control.

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Thanks for the advice I plan to make 6 this summer one for me, my brother my father and a few friends. This first one is going to be my trial run.
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i know lime-away will eat zinc not sure about galvanized metal. Good chance they might be galvanized. I know food grade barrels from other countries are a one way non-reusable item.
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Cool. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

A whole fleet of UDSs. You can cook up a lot of good grub on 6 of them, thats for sure. biggrin.gif

Well, unless they're from China biggrin.gif, I can't imagine any country putting food products in a galvanized container.

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I thought I read somewhere that they bag the contents even in a lined barrel. Thats why it's a 1 way barrel and usually sold as a trash can after. China could be on the list. biggrin.gif
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Gonna pick up the two my brother got this morning will see what we are working with and post pics.
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Now with pictures

OK picked them up boy are these heavy drums. Took some pictures of the lids they don't look galvanized but if they are the diameter of the top is 22 1/4 inches a cheap kettle lid should fit it perfect.

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Looks like you have a winner.
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