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keep warm in oven??

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I have a bad feeling my brisket and butts are going to hit the towel/cooler stage real early and one butt is already 12 degrees hotter than the other butt and brisket.. I have once kept a butt wrapped in the cooler for about 4 hrs and it was still steaming hot and juicy but I'm afraid one of my butts will get done real early!! After the towel/cooler for a few hrs will it dry out if I turned my oven on a low setting say 150 and put the meat in there still foiled until the rest gets done?
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It won't dry out if you keep it foiled up.

I've left meat in coolers wrapped in foil and toweled for up to 12 hours.

That being said, I wouldn't recommend it. I monitored my cooler temp to make sure it stayed hot (stayed right around 180-190 the whole time) but I still wouldn't recommend it.

The oven is much more predictable. Just make sure it's wrapped good. I always put everything in a foil pan in case the foil leaks.

You'll be just fine though.
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what oven temp should I use to keep bacteria low and not continue to cook the meat?
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As long as the meat doesn't get below 140° you technically should be good, but I would set the oven anywhere between 170-200°.
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Any reason not to just leave it in the smoker the whole time at that low temp? I have an electric so maybe it is easier to keep a consistent low heat. That is actually my plan for a brisket this weekend but I've never tried it so we'll see what happens.
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wow did I guess the cook time wrong on this one.. icon_redface.gif

The brisket and butts are both double wrapped in foil and are in a mink blanket holding. I can't find my large cooler so I wrapped them like 5 times each with that thick blanket. I guess I have no choice but to hold them in the oven at 190 until we eat this afternoon. The brisket was 13 lbs before I trimmed it and the butts were both 10 lbs each, I put them all on at 1:00am so it had taken 11 hours at 225-240 to reach 205 wrapped. Guess I learned a VALUABLE lesson on this smoke. I hope the brisket is yummy since it is my first time smoking one and my first time smoking multi meats. Pics to come tonight after I slice/pull them.
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That's what it's all about...learning me being done early is much better than late.

Can't wait to see some pics!
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Turn the oven down to 150 - 160 or they will continue to cook.
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+1. ^^^^^ What he said.
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Yup... I usually set my oven to 150°-160°. That is the same temp we used to use in food warming/holding cabinets at the catering outfit I used to moonlight with.
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