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Boston Style Pork Butt Roast

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My local grocer has this for sale this week at $1.39/lb. I've never done a pork butt before and I'd like to try it this weekend. Is this a standard pork butt? The ''roast'' on the end is throwing me for a loop.
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A boston butt is a GREAT piece of meat for pulled pork! go for it!
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It probably is, but with retailers constantly coming up with Artsy Fartsy labeling ya never know....It could be boneless...It could be a common 9 lb pork butt run through the Hobart to make 2 "Roast" to appeal to the Crock Pot ladies...

Suggest you go by the store for a look see........

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Yep, "Boston", "shoulder", "butt"...if any of those three appear on the label, you've got a pulled pork smoke in the makings.

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That's what I'm thinking b/c the ad also mentions a ''family pack'' in it. I'm assuming it may be one, or two small butts 5lbs or less.
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Could be...Also could just be a two pack (cryovac) of two regular pork butts...If that's the case, and you plan to cook both at the same time, try to choose a package where the two butts look equal in size...

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