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Birthday Ribeye Roast

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so, its my wife's birthday. did the cheesecake factory last night, and smoked a ribeye roast tonight....enjoy...
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Man that looks like it turned out GREAT. points.gif
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my first points wooooohhoooo!!!! it was great!!! my wife said it was awesome!!! she luvs my meat!!
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as long as the wife liked it you did good.
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and thanks to ronp for the advice!!
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No prob man glad to help.
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I would have been in trouble. As good as that looks, I'd have eaten the whole thing myself. points.gif
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my wife says she upset i keep takin pics of my meat!!icon_mad.gif
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Don't worry about her being upset. When you keep bringing excellent meat to the table, she may become like my wife & start taking the pictures herself while you are doing the work. Here is some more points for you. I love the Cheesecake factory.
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They get used to it wife still rolls her eyes at me, but she doesn't say anything anymore.

That's some fine looking beef! Thanks for the pics!
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OK, I'll admit it------I'M a sucker for some good lookin' Ribeye !!!-------->>points.gif

Thanks for showing the eye-candy,
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shhaker is that just uncut ribeye that u cut steak out of
i have one i won't to cook
what temp did u cook it on and what is the inter temp how long did u
let it cook
thanks that look good
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As others have said, as long as the wife loves it, all is good - Happy wife, happy life...

My wife laughed at me for taking pictures and posting them here and on facebook for friends to see. Then about a week ago, I happened to leave up the forum on the computer, and she saw some pictures on here, and came and asked me if I could make them for her. Now she doesn't laugh about me taking pictures.
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I love it when a plan comes together!

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ya it was a roast, i cut it up. i started cooking at 185 for a hour and the temp on the meat didnt move so i kicked it up to 225. it took 3 hrs total or so and pulled it at 145. shoulda pulled it at 135 but i didnt want it to be raw and being my first one. ill know better next time.
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My mouth is watering, that had to be good certainly earned points PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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That looks very good to me. I like my prime ribs to be a little more done than most people. I would have pulled it at 145, too. Thank you for the pics!
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