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My take on mustard. - Page 2

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Now that's the ticket!!!

Ketchup is for Fries and BBQ Sauce.

Mayo - Why would anyone do that?? I'm NOT a fan.
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Make your own mustard. Buy bulk powder and mix with a liquid of your choice. At my house I make it with milk and a touch of sugar. This is my great grandmother's recipe and I've made it her way for 40 years. Naturally with milk it has to be refrigerated. HOT! Fries should be eaten with malt vinegar, like fish and chips.
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I think it depends on when you put the mustard on the butt.... if you put it on right before you put the pork on the smoker it doesn't have much of a chance to do anything other than hold the rub on. But if you put it on the night before it acts more like a marinade or wet rub.

I also like to add mustard to my finishing sauce or BBQ sauce every so often for a change in flavor. And I love me some spicy brown mustard on most any meat based sandwich.... even tuna.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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i love using mustard. i have been using hot german lately. its not hot but smooth and mild. goes well with a rub of coarse
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Ah ha another wheeler even if you do drive a Geep.
I rock crawl a Toy myself but it's nice to see another likewise afflicted soul on here.

Yes, I have Geeper friends and even wheel with them too. It seems I've welded countless busted Jeep tie rods out on the trail, so what gives with the tie rods anyway?

I've been prone to bustin up a lot of gears lately. Just swapped out the rear axle for something stouter and have the front axle torn down for new gears and bearings right now. Sigh.
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Stock tie rods and draglinks on Jeeps are the equivalent of stock birfield axles on Yotas, pure junk. biggrin.gif

But to prove I am not biased, here is my buddy's Yota.

And I am not afraid to drive it. biggrin.gif

Even if I have to tow it out later.

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Well I don't have any of those Birfield things either. I started with a Tacoma so I had to chop the IFS junk off, slick down the frame rails and put my own suspension and axle under it. I went with a HP Dana 44 and a radius arm setup. So far I'm still happy with it and I did that years ago.

I finally got tired of blowing up the stock little toy 8" rear end last fall and rolled a Currie Rock Jock HP D60 under the rear end so there is no more toy rolling hardware. It's all American iron now.

I also got tired of paying Toyota's high prices for replacement parts. Dana stuff I can find anywhere and usually for much less. They have some rather odd ideas about maintenace for stuff like wheel bearings too. It seemed they went out of their way to make some things as difficut as possible and added complexity where there was no need for any. I have Chevy brakes up front and Ford in the rear. I guess you could say I'm driving a mutt.

Don't make me get one of those officail Jeep Recovery stickers now. LOL
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I totally agree with the mustard adding flavor. However I do NOT like plain mustard flavor on anything! Let me be quick to say I slather the mustard on the butts along with seasoning when I do pulled pork!! That flavor is AWESOME! Nothing like plain mustard!!
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I've developed a mustard based barbecue sauce that I use while catering, it's been getting rave reviews, today i'm doing a couple butts for the farmers market tomorrow night and I used that sauce instead of regular mustard...ooo getting fancy :)

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I use mustard along with a few other things for a finishing sauce on my pulled pork!! And in bbq sauce! And on sammiches of all kinds except pb&j


Mustard is what it is...golden bliss!

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totally off the subject here, I was watching alton brown last night and he was doing a pork butt, he said that he used pickle juice in his bbq sauce...that sounds like a hell of a good idea..I freakin love pickle juice.

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Pickle juice sounds good to me too... might have to try that soon


As far as mustard losing its flavor.. for any of you afraid to try this, the meat will NOT taste like yellow mustard when you get done. I too agree that it creates a nice crust and may even enhance the flavor of the rub.


I may have to coat something in mustard without any rub soon and see what it really does taste like on it's own.


Great thread!!

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Pickle juice!! I just finished a jar, might save the juice for that idea.

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OK here's my take on the whole mustard deal.

When people say it won't taste like mustard ,I'm thinking they really meant to say the meat won't be over powered by that tangy mustard taste.

OK for me I love mustard , from the cheap old French's yellow mustard to the fancy stone ground brown mustards I love'um all.


I see what you are saying , I love to  add  mustard to my pulled pork instead of vinegar finishing sauce.


I hate mayo so when someone tells me to slather fish or meat with mayo it grosses me out. even when everyone says it doe's taste like mayo after cooking, I still can't bring myself to try'in it.

the funny thing I will eat chicken or tuna or egg salad made with mayo but if someone handed my a burger or a cold cut sandwich with mayo on it I couldn't eat it.......Yea I know I'm weired ! LMFAO !!!


I guess it's all what you like or dislike that makes everyone's Que different.

It's all a matter of taste........I love even bad BBQ, it's all good to me !!!!!

Yeah I guess I'm just easy.LMFAO !

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As most pickle juice is mostly spiced vinager then it makes all the sense in the world.

Sweet pickle juice is viniger, sugar and spices. Sounds like a recepe for many Carolina style finishing sauces to me. Dill is heavy on the salt.

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The other day while at ShooterRicks learning how to make sausage, he put a good bit of mustard an the ribs as a binder for the rub and I tried to taste the mustard while eating them and couldn't. His wife told me she doesn' t really care for mustard at all and she eats his ribs and can't tell.

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Originally Posted by Smoke 2 Geaux View Post

I'm on your team Beard. I love me some mustard, especially the spicy stuff. A friend of mine from Texas turned me on to eating my burgers with mustard and onions only. It was an eye opening experience. I have never used ketchup or mayo since.

That's the only way I like them.You forgot the pickles, the onions grilled and gotta have a slice of cheese. Heavy on the mustard.  

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+1 for mustard. love it. good post beard.

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While I won't argue that mustard in a marinade could impart flavors, but I will stand by the statement that using mustard as a "rub glue" does not add any additional flavor and does indeed cook away.  I have done 2 butts side by side, one with mustard as a glue, the other with just the rub.  There was no discernible difference in the taste of the 2. I did blind taste tests with the whole family and all of them said they tasted identical.


So for use ina marinade or a sauce, I can see it.  For use as a rub glue, it cooks away and leaves no flavor behind.

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ok, so on the weekend I tried one rack of ribs without mustard, the way I normaly make them, and one rack using mustard to hold the rub on.  I have to say the dog got a good feed sunday nigh.  the ribs with the mustard were just off, can't explain it but they had a flavor that was just wrong.. so for me no mustard.


And just a side note I do love mustard on hotdogs, corndogs, hamburgers, ect and I even do a lot of cooking with it also. just don't like it with smoke, takes a way to much for the natural flavor.



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