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MES questions.

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My wife found a 30" MES on craigslist for 75.00, I have contacted the person but no response just yet. Anyway my question is this, I have heard that you should not use a extension cord. Because I do not have an out door plug, I am left with two options.. 1) Use a cord. 2) Use in the garage, with door up.
SO I was wondering if it was possible to use a cord, and just how much power loss should I expect. Also I am wondering just how smokey they are? Are they as smoky as my char smoker... or is it less smoky, if so is it possible to use in a garage, or will it ruin everything in the garage?

Thank you, Duane.
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get a 12 gauge extension cord and you will be fine.
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Ditto to what ECTO1 said.
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I bought 10 / 3 cord and the ends and made my own cord just long enough for what i need. I checked w/ my meter and i have no voltage drop and the amp draw w/ the unit pluged into the receptical and w/ my 15 foot cord is within 1 amp.
you can use a cord but it needs to be heavy guage and just long enough to make it outside. The disclamier is more for liability issues tham operation problems.
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How about the smoke, is it less smokey than a char smoker?? Whould it be okay in the garage at times?
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I would not do it in the garage unless it is well ventilated no need to put you and your in danger for some ribs. The unit does not get too hot and the smoke is TBS but it is still Carbon Monoxide. if you had all the doors open maybe but not worth the risk IMHO.

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Well our garage is not connected to the house.
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I put mine just inside the garage with the door all the way up the last couple of times, and I use a regular gauge orange outdoor extension cord, and I'm still alive. smile.gif

They aren't very smoky at all, and it heated up just fine.

That's a great price, BTW, mine was $225 new after tax+shipping.
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Yeah, just got an e-mail back. I'll be picking it up afterr work... He said no-one else had called and he was about to toss it to the curb to make room in the garage. So it looks like I'll be getting it for 50.00 not the 75.00 origianally asked for. He say's it works fine, and was used a few times the year he bought it,(year before last) But not sence then, so wanted to make room in the garage for his other hobbies.... Lucky me!
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He shoots He scores!!!!!!!!
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After stepping into nothing but pot holes, it's nice to land on a lilly pad once in a while.... biggrin.gif
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I bought a 25" extension cord at Harbor Freight for $35.00 and it is 10ga wire. Most houses are wired with 12/2 with a ground so a 10 ga extension cord is heavier than most house wiring.
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I use mine in the garage all the time. I have two windows and leave the door open.
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Does it smoke the place up much? I figure that it shouldnt leave mush more of a smoky smell that is already there. After I finnish with my char burner I always pull it into the garage, dont like leaving it out side. I'm sure nothing would happen to it, but comming from cali orogianaly I have learned to leave nothing out doors. Even things thar are locked up, arnt safe there.... lol
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You have to leave the door open. It will get really smoky otherwise.
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Well it turns out that it was not a MEWS but a smoke hallow. Very clean unit, certainly not often used. Still at 50.00 I couldn't pass it up.
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Great deal. I use mine in the garage with the door open when it's raining out and if it gets too smokey I just plug a fan in to blow the smoke out.
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Nice I'll re-cure here today... see how she is. Maybe I'll run her in the garage, just to see how it is in the garage, and see how a fan will help out..
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I have used mine in my dads garage. It is a 32x48 and we left the doors open and it was fine. I don't belive that mine puts a lot of smoke out so I would say it would be fine
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Well I cured it on high for about two hours, the smoke really didn't seem bad at all. I nonly had the door half way up. So really not bad at all... Seems to be a nice littel smoker. I'll be testing her out tonight with a couple side's of salmon for my wife's b-day... It will be here, about a dozen kids running around, and eith or nine of her friends. At the moment it looks like I'll be the ony guy.... Lord help me!! PDT_Armataz_01_42.gif
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