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National Home Brew Day!!!

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So my brew buddy called me up today and tells me this Saturday is National Home Brew Day and asks if I want to brew beer. Well DUH!! Hell yes. So he is starting the day out at his house brewing a 10 gallon batch while I get some stuff going in the smoker at my house. After he is done with the first batch he is bringing his stuff to my house and we are brewing a 10 gallon batch of a Honey Kolsch. I'm thinking I will do a pork shoulder, some abts, and probably a corned beef and maybe even a fatty. I think Saturday will be a good day!icon_mrgreen.gifPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Got a keg o' homevrewed stout and an attempt at a Steam Ale in the frig now. Steam ale is excellent, just don't have the Anchor Steam taste yet.
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Right on brother, beer and flesh oh man!
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Right on!
We're site #568. You can go here and look for a Big Brew site near you. You don't have to brew, you just have to enjoy beer!

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YAY BEER!!!! sorry for the caps. but i had to yell that.
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Here's our group... 55 gallons brewed.
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Drink It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I'm in the back, second from the right.

Notice everyone else has a glass and I'm holding up a growler? Hmmm, who has a problem????? HAHA
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I have a batch I need to keg/bottle, then I have to brew another batch before heading out of town for a couple days.... gotta try to make production keep up with consumption

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