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Electric Burner for cheese?

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Has anyone ever used an electric burner (like a round oven burner) in your firebox with a metal/mesh pan in your firebox for smoking cheese? Does this still get too hot in your chamber?
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For cheese, you just need enough heat to make smoke. I don't know about the electric burner part, but lots of folks have rigged up soldering irons in coffee cans.

Looking for a temp under 100*, perferably 70 - 90, otherwise you will need a stack of tortillas or nacho chips...!
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Just cut up a bunch of Peach wood and saved some saw dust. The coffee can and soldering iron approach is what will be used. Works great. Just make sure it is a new iron. Don't want any lead smoke in there with the cheese.
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Here is what I use now for cheese and it works very well
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Your burner may get too hot but you could try it. I use to smoke cheese on my propane smoker but had a really hard time keeping the temps below 200 so I had to watch it all the time and flip it when it started to melt through the grates. I now use the soldering iron in a soup can and it works great. I am going to get one of the A Maze N Smokers though those are so slick.
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Here's what I use, It is an electric hot plate with a pan of wood chips.
It works good for me. You do have to keep an eye on it.
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