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Too Small?

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I'm going to go pick up a 25 gal/200# propane tank this afternoon for $25
As close as I can tell it's approx. 46" x 15". Do you think this is too small far a horizontal unit? I guess I could use it for ABT's, FATTIES, or maybe babybacks.
If anything I suppose it's still a good deal if I just keep it for an extra tank for my fish fryer. Any opinions....I guess you ALL have opinions.icon_rolleyes.gif...any good ones?
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if your going through all the work of making one you might as well go big
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You're probably right, just don't have the funds for a bigger one yet. I have a Smoke-N-Pit now so it's not like I don't have something to use. I just have this urge to build one.
I just saw one made from a 5gal and a 10 gal so I guess it could work.
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