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A cold English BBQ (With QView)

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Well Saturday was a gorgeous day down here on the South Coast of England, A nice 16 Degrees C (61f) and not a cloud in the sky.

Supplies were bought and the rest of the afternoon spent making chilli burgers, kebabs and marinading chicken.

We had too many Kebab's to list the recipes now but I'll do so at a later stage in the appropriate forums, there was:
Turkish Kofte with Peppers (Lamb)
Indian Sheek Kebab (Lamb & Beef)
Iranian Recipe Sheek Kebab with Chilli
Simple salt and pepper seasoned skewer with onion, pepper and mushrooms.

The Chicken was marinaded in a commercial Carribean Jerk BBQ sauce after being rubbed lightly with garlic salt, pepper and a little paprika.

The Chilli Burgers were Saturday's triumph though:
1 Small Egg
1 Dorset Naga Chilli (about 1,200,000 SCU)
Fresh Ground Local Beef
1 Onion
Garlic Salt
100ml Real Ale
Nothing too scientific about it, the chilli is deseeded and shredded, the rest is all bunged in a bowl and mixed before being made into burgers.

By the time the time for the BBQ rolled round the temp was just over 5 Degrees C and the clouds were grey, we rolled out the grill anyway and laid the table, it got a bit windy and we all had to wear coats but damn the food was good and just as we were tidying away the first drops of rain fell - hows that for timing eh?

Here's a couple of pictures, didn't get any of the finished product sadly but I'll do my best to remember next time. We've still got some chicken and kebabs left which I'll be having later on tonight ;)

Thanks for looking!

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Looks fantastic! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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that looks great and made me hungry
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I could eat that for breakfast...
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Awesomeness from England. Thanks for the great ideas.
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excellent job that had to be good PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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