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Pepperoni Bread w/ QView

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I made this a few weeks ago and only had a final Pic (as it is something i make pretty often)... a few of the people on the forum asked how to make it... so hear is a step by step QView... (i dont measure i just go by eye)

Flour, Yeast, Turkey Pepperoni (Way less grease than reg pepperoni), Provolone (you can use mozzarella, but something about the provolone makes the taste better IMO)
Pour a beer

Drink it.. (bear with me it was Fri night and i had several types of beer left over so you will see them mxed in lol)
Mix Yeast w/ warm water till you get a reaction (Tiny explosions)

I mix with about a qt bag of flour (keep the flour & a glass of warm water handy incase u need more) mix till you get bread/pizz dough tecture (add flour & water as needed)

Let it rise (i speed it up in a craked open warm oven)

Flour pan

lay the cheese (leav a little room on edges)

Pepperoni can go to the edge

Roll like a Fatty

EVOO & Salt n Pepper

350 oven

about 40/45min

Rest 10min or so

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Looks and sounds great Steve! Have you given it a try in a smoker? I smoke bread in my drum...I'll give your recipe a try. Thanks!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Not yet, but i have been meaning to... I have a Beer Batter mix i got for XMas... i was thinking of using that as the dough and adding in some cooper sharp for when i do smoke it...
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That does look good I want to try that one for sure.
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Looks yumee. I do something similiar to that. Only I buy the french bread roll in the can. I get it back where the canned biscuits are. I roll it out, and slap on some pizza sauce, then load it up with cheese,ham,pepp, etc.. Whatever I feel like, then roll it up and bake it. Then slice it up and serve..

I like the french bread casue of the harder crust.

I call it "Junk Bread" lmao.
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That would be tasty with the cooper sharp!

If your interested in beer bread... here's an easy recipe....

makes great sandwiches...

Thanks again for your recipe, can't wait to give it a try!! PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Thanks Roller!

Nice... sounds pretty good! i do different variations of this... sometimes w/ cheese steak, sausage, spinach or just cheese...
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Steve, you lost focus as the cook went along. Did it have anything to do with the beverages. Great looking bread I will have to do it in the smoker.
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Cheese steak..Now thats a good idea.

Smokin bread..Who knew lol....
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Oh yeah! Very well done! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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hmmmmmm i plead the 5th LOL!!!!!!!!!!

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Thank you much!
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Thanks Cow Girl just coppied it down... will def give it a try PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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