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Which WSM to Buy?

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I've never had a smoker and want to get started.

I'm trying to decide between these two used options I found: older model WSM 18.5" (about 2 yrs old) for $100 or an 8mo old 22.5" WSM for $225?

Anything to check/ inspect when buying a used smoker?

Or should I just bite the bullet and get a new WSM?

Either way - I'm buying myself something as a graduation present for finishing business school!! icon_smile.gif
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biggrin.gif Both of em would be good. One for smaller smokes and the other for bigger smokes.
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Is the 22.5 overkill for a family of 3? - one of which doesn't eat solid foods yet!
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Id buy the 22.5 if it was me.
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Get the bigger one if you can swing it. With my smokers of that style I have never said man I wish I had a little bit smaller smoker. I was always saying man I wish this was a little bit bigger. Hence the reason I built my smoke shack.
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I have the 18.5. It is a great smoker, but there have been times I wish it were a bit wider. Full briskets and racks of ribs are about the exact diameter of the smaller WSM. Both prices look good and I am sure you will enjoy either one.
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If you can buy them both. That's some good prices on both.
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I'd jump on both, but always go for the bigger if you can't get both.

I don't think you'd regret either, but getting the bigger one now will keep you from getting in the dog house when you are knee deep in the smoking frenzy and decide you need more room.

I'm kicking myself for not getting the 100 18.5 that I saw on craigslist here in Indy a few weeks ago...but I just bout a 400.00 Weber performer the day before since my LP grill died.

I'd still try to swing both...
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I just recently got an 18.5. I bought it because a member here found it on Craigslist for $150 new in box. I wasnt even really looking for one, but couldnt pass that up. I like the size for what i want it for. I am going to be taking it camping all that means lots of times in and out of the truck. BUT if it were for just at home i would be trading up to the larger size. These things rock...and i still might buy the larger size for home. Its going to make me too lazy to use the Chargriller.
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Get the 22.5", for smaller you smokes just load it half way on the charcoal, and use only the upper rack. But you have capacity for birthday and dinner parties as well!
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Nice find, you cant go wrong with either, they are the best around.

I personally didn't need the biggest smoker available(I could have had either), "its the cook not the cooker". PDT_Armataz_01_06.gif
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