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Leftover Beer Can Chix...Ideas???

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Well Ive got a bunch of left over beer can chicken. I was gonna freeze some, and Ive already made some chicken salad sandwiches. Any ideas for the rest of it?

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I always like chicken gravy sammies
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Make a sandwich with it and enter it in the throwdown.
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Enchilada's are pretty easy and awfully good.
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chicken pot pie
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Cut up for stir fry
make chicken salad sandwiches
shred into spaghetti sauce
soak in red wine and re-grill
bone out, saving the bones for chicken soup stock
make chicken noodle casserole
make chicken soup or stew
take boneless pieces and bread and quick fry for chicken nuggets (add sugar to breading to make it brown quickly, don't need to overcook the chicken, just warm through).
batter fry for sweet and sour chicken
use a blender and make chicken pate and serve on crackers
re-smoke chunks and do as above and make smokey chicken pate
just nibble at it cold, better for you than ice cream at night!
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Sandwiches are always great or I also LOVE Nachos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Chop it up and add some Chipotle or Salsa to it and make the best tacos or burritos you ever had
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Chicken Enchilada's!!!!
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Smoked Chicken Salad or Use in Spaghetti Sauce...
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Chicken noodle soup or chicken and dumplings
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fajitas have my vote...smoke the veggies and there ya go...
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My favorite is smoked chicken chile rellanos...


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Thanks for posting that Cowgirl. Those look amazing! I am saving that link for when my Aneheims come out of the garden.
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You're sure welcome! Good luck with your aneheim crop...those are my favorites! biggrin.gif
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shred it on texas toast with horseradish bacon lettuce and a matterPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Now I don't know if theres anything let after pops gave you his ideas but how about some tacos and burritos. They are easy and if you can make some homemade tortillas you would really be in there.
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Fajitas Is the thing
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Thanks for all the great suggestions. I decided to go with enchiladas. They turned out great. I even had some left over for lunch the next day. Ya cant beat getting 3 great meals out of some beer can chicken. Thanks again for all the suggestions.

Before the oven...

Out of the oven...
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