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Oh, it's available on my web site, url in my signature. I forgot to mention that. LOL
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$8.00 a pound sounds reasonable. I will be ordering some in the near future.
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I've been out of action a long time it seems.  Sorry about that folks.  For those of you who sampled my rub, I want to thank you once more.  It's been selling fairly well, considering I don't really advertise it anywhere but my little ol' web site that I've neglected all summer.


I run a pop warner football organization with over 140 kids, so I keep pretty busy from June through October.  Hopefully now that that's over with I can get back to grilling, smoking and most importantly EATING.  I haven't done a proper cookout in two months.


I hope to catch back up with everyone soon!


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Bill.... sounds like you should offer some up in one of the monthly throwdown prize packages (nudge, nudge, wink, wink)

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Bill.... PM sent.

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