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Free Sample 8oz BlackEyedPigz.com Rub

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Hey guys,

Sorry I've been inactive lately, but business has picked up like crazy for me making decals and signs.

Anyhow, in about 2 weeks, I should have my newly packaged BBQ Rub in hand and will be offering it for sale on my web site, 16oz of lip smacking goodness at a time.

In the meantime, I'm looking for 5, that's FIVE, people to try it for FREE, all I ask is for your unbiased opinion so I can add it to my web site where I'll be selling it. The offer is for 8oz packages of my Cinnamon Chipotle BBQ Rub. This is really best on Pork and Beef, I personally like it on chicken, but most folks don't. I think because the flavors need time to work into the meat that you're cooking, chicken isn't the best medium to go with.

Anyhow.....if you'd be interested in being a taste tester for me, please PM me here on the forum. I'm only looking for serious inquiries and honest opinions on the blend please. the first 5 folks who respond will get the free sampler.

Thanks much!
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PM sent..........
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I give up, how do I PM you?
I'm still computer illiterate.
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PM SENT!! #3 wooohooo...i hope!!
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PM sent............ Yipee #4 (I think) PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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pm sent. #5
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I found more than 5 willing recipients/testers, but thanks to everyone that was interested in trying this stuff out for me.

I may do another round of testers after the first samples go out, just have to see how it goes.

Thanks to everyone that was interested and I will let you know if I am able to send out more than the original 5 samples soon.

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A day late and a dollar short again. icon_mad.gif
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damnit man missed it by that much!!!
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I'll take an 8oz. sample
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Sorry I missed out, but thanks for making the offer. I will be checking it out on your website.
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Hey Great Idea!!. I have had Chipotle ala cart and a cherry chipotle bbq sauce but never thought of Cinnamon Chipotle BBQ Rub
I wish you the best.
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Just an update for the folks who agreed to try this spice rub out, it should be shipping this weekend. I just received it in and will be trying to get it out the door ASAP.

Thanks again!
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Mccormicks makes a Cinnamon Chipotle Rub that i use when i run out of my own rub... I always use Cinnamon in my BBQs... Sad i missed getting in on this one... please let us know when it is forsale... wouldnt mind purchasing for a taste test...
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Looking forward to it!!
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Cool, can't wait to try it ! ! !

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sounds great..i may be too late :)
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too bad I saw this too late.
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Ok guys, it's going out TODAY! All packed and labelled for shipment. Keep an eye out for your postman! And please let me know what you think when you get a chance to try it out!
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Cool... and do let the rest of us know when it is up for sale...
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