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Which side is the firebox. LOL
Cleaned up, and all repaired, what should this grill be worth?
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SoaFung........We can certainly agree on your it.
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OK, OK, I'll admit the FB is a little on the large side for a smoker this size.........18" x 18", but I have a master plan. I am going to build a larger offset from rolled steel and attach this FB to it. I will then mount both the new smoker and this old smoke chamber, converted for gas grilling to my trailer. It's all part of the plan daddy. I just gotta have me a working smoker between now and when I get my big one done. BTW, this one runs great, holds temps and only requires tending about half the time it use to with the smaller box.
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Well I am planning on reselling this one. I am hoping to find a good sized vertical smoker. I like the space of the vertical ones.
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Is this a good size?

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Needs at least one more rack, and some rods to hang meat from, but that would be about the right size for the way I like to cook.biggrin.gif
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D-Que, i was not implying that you were the ignorant party. the person selling the grill as a smoker is the ignorant one. btw, what you did to you NB is EXACTLY what i have planed for mine. that sure turned out awesome. i wanna size the fire box big enough to eventually upgrade the smoke chamber. doing a custom build for the back yard piecemeal style. firebox first, then a new frame with a better wood storage area and the shelves on the frame.

sorry to offend you.

daddyzaring, get rid of the rust, repaint and sell that thing. i would price it at your original purchase price ($60) + double (maybe triple) the refurb costs. it would be a fair price and you would still make some cheese.
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I apologize, I have a hair trigger at times. Disregard the shaking of the oak tree please icon_redface.gif
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Really that low? I've seen alot of newer, cheap, thin ones like this go for a whole lot more. I am planning on at least stripping it down to the bare steel, painting it, new wood on rack and handle, and probably expanded metal grates, and charcoal basket. I found two whole 48"x96" SS expanded metal sheets for $70, I might get and use.
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well if it costs you 70 bucks to refurb that guy sell her for $200
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$ 60 Purchase Price
$ 70 SS Grates
$ 10 Misc Parts/Bolts
$ 15/hr labor @ minimum 6 hr labor

$ 230.00

Or wait until after Jan 2013 when conservatives run both the White House and both Houses of Congress and you may get more for it on the recession's long awaited upswing.
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I like you numbers better, though I am not sure where you all got the purchase price? I only gave $25, and I sure as heck ain't going to use two whole sheets of SS on this either. lol
I was thinking somewhere in the $200-$300 range, but I was hoping for more opinions.
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Hi everyone, I havent posted here in a while. Sorry for that, I spend a great deal of time reading and searching. Thanks for the great site.

I try to refrain my self from offering input unless I am pretty darn confident in what I say. So here goes....

As posted above, YES the Harbor Freight grinder is the way to go for sure. But Please don't waste your money on the blue grinders, they smoke, and its not the good kind of smoke. Here is the link for the one that is the best by a long shot. Watch the item number if you buy in store or order online. This one is 91223 not 91222. The 222 number grinder won't last. Nor will the blue one. Yes they are throw away but when on sale the 91223 is only 15 bucks. I probally abuse my cheep grinders and have several at this time, just so I dont have to take the time to switch up grinding wheels. BTW I am a heavy use home hobby welder.

Here is a link to by far the very best wheel at removing rust and paint. If you really hammer down on it, it will grind the steel so watch the pressure. Home Depot is a little high on price but Harbor Freight I think was about 5 bucks in store last saterday when I picked up two.

I am not in any way connected to either of these products or companys, I only wish to help others to save money and there time.

Daddyzaring, did you find SS expanded at a salvage or is that new price somewhere. Last I checked #9 4x8 mild steel was running near 50 bucks a sheet.
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There's an ad on craigslist, I haven't actually bought it yet, just know where I can get a hold of it.
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Bought one for my husband 10 years ago. It's a keeper, and so is he now that he's smokin (sorry, bad pun). It is our 2nd nb smoker and I wouldn't trade it for any other. Recently refurbished it (dismantled, rust removed/sanded and repainted) and it's better than anything else I could find. Nothing can match it for the price.....

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these are great smokers Ive had mine for 8 to ten years geat smoking .

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the one you have pictured is the BEST......we've had one for years and have used it so much that it's time for a new one so if anyone know where I can purchase one like the on in the picture, please please please let me know.  My husband absolutely loves it and can't seem to fine one that even comes close.

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I have been using a 16" NB with a left side firebox for about 8 years.  A friend that was moving to Prescott, AZ traded me an Ugly Stick fishing pole for it.  It's a good unit with thick gauge steel.  Have been smoking albacore and salmon this past fall.  I use a few briquets for core temperature, then dry apple wood chunks on top.  I get ~ 175-200 deg. F for about 10-15 minutes at a time.  Over a five hour smoke, it's a bit of babysitting.  But the flavor!  Used mesquite logs to BBQ fresh cornish game hens and ducks at ~ 275 deg. F, but may have been too hot.  Hankering for a 20" Horizon with the vertical stack for smoking, as I think the grill is too close to the fire. 

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this is like the smoker i got does anyone know where to get a cover for it

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