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Looking for a thermometer

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After smoking my first brisket the other day (see QView here), I could see why a remote thermometer could come in handy. When you open the door to check an IT, it sure drops the temp. and takes a little while to regulate again.

After reading several posts here I see that many of you use a ET73 thermometer. I was just wondering what was special about that model that makes it so popular among you guys (and gals).

I am open to suggestions as to what kind of thermometer to buy, but I'd like to keep it under $50 or so (if possible). And, if I can find one ad Target or Kohl's that would be even better since my wife and I have gift cards to each.

Any help or suggestions you might have would be much appreciated.
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The reason I think a lot of people have this model is they are cheap. You can spend over $100 for some of the wireless probes out there and this one was under $50 if I remember correctly. And it also is a dual probe meaning there is a probe for the meat and a probe to monitor the internal temp of your smoker. The only down fall to these units is the range kind of stinks. But there is a thread out there on how to mount a antenna into the circuit board to fix that issue. Most people have several thermometers (I have three wireless units) so some times it can get hard to justify spening a load of money on so many units and that is why I picked up this unit.
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I have a Weber Wireless unit that works great, but I do plan on a Maverick when I can afford it for multiple butts and as a second unit. A good therm is a important tool for smoking. biggrin.gif
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My favorite thing about my ET-73 is the alarms you can set up. I can actually get sleep during an overnight brisket cook! On the smoker temp probe it has both a high and a low temp alarm, so I'll set the low temp at 220, the high temp at 240, and it will beep if it hits either. wake up, adjust the vents a bit, go back to sleep. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif You can set the meat temp alarm too, so if I want to foil my brisket at 160 or whatever, set that alarm, and it lets you know. total EZmode.
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Now I own several differant kinds of thermo meters from the maverick to the wally world special. The most important thing about your thermo meter is to TEST it often. I own maybe 5-6 units but I keep testing them pretty regular to make sure that they are correct.
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Here is some on ebay for under $50, just make sure you watch the shipping, though some have free shipping.
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The advantage I like of the Maverick's are the wireless & temp set control. I can monitor either the temp or the product, or both. Very versatile. If you have gift cards, pick one up. I think they have Taylor's at Target. I don't know what Kohl's have. Good luck.
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What he said. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

The ET-73 is the only wireless thermo that I have seen that has both a high AND a low temp alarm. That is very handy for monitoring smoker temps.

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accu temp makes a unit w/ two probes ,remote and both high and low temp alarms . Got mine at acadamey sports for less than $35.
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Will it do high and low temp alarms at the same time? I know some units have a high or a low temp alarm but you have to pick one.

Do you have a model number?

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Some great info, thanks. This will help me know what to look for.
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This is the one I ordered. Should be here in a few days.

Hopefully it will do the trick.
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I have been using a wireless remote thermometer for about 1 year on the grill, in the oven and now in the smoker. It works great, has a range of about 100 ft or so. Has a timer a and temp monitor. Beeps when it reaches temp. Receiver is about the size of a cell phone and includes a belt clip to attach to your belt and a led flashlight for those nighttime grills or smokes.

My better half got it from QVC.....Maverick Remote Thermometer (K21047)..about $30 including shipping.
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