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Cowboy Campfire Ribs/With Q-View

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Nice looking ribs...
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They look delicious PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I've never seen that kind of setup before at a campground. Pretty cool. Nice looking ribs too.
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That "Campground" is behind my house icon_smile.gif...We call it "The Park"
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You see, that is what I get for being a city person. My backyard is my neighbor's kitchen window.
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Looks great.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I think that style cooking is great and you do it well. My back yard is called Beouf River. (Beff)
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I'm Impressed!!! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Yep, it's the stuff I cut my teeth on...Meat cooked in the dry heat of wood coals..,..Brings a tear to my eye!
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Just watch out for any crazy critters that come by and steal your meat. haha
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Now thats TOO COOL. I know I just a dumb surfer dude but I haven't seen one of those anywhere. How long does it take for it seems like the meat is way off the heat. I know you wouldn't want it too close then you'll have dry or tough ribs. Maybe I should just look in amasement and say Ya hoo. Oh yea my backyard most call the Atlantic Ocean but I call it "home"
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Thats cool i have wanted to get one of those cooking racks thats some great looking ribs, how long did you cook them for?
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Who Makes that smoker? Any mods? Looks nice. Pete
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Corn Cob, you know how to roll. Nice setup. points.gifPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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nice looking ribs, my backyard is my deck lol, the good thing is I never have to cut the grass haha
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rbranster ~~ No problem with meat eatin critters...so far --- it's the "vegetarians" that give me fits...Coons and deer in the corn, peas and okra!

mballi3011 ~~ The Swing grill that holds the ribs is from Bass Pro...The remainder of the "stuff" is homemade but not my original idea. The ribs were about 28 inches directly above the coals...At this distance they cook slow. The wind was mostly calm..so the heat rose straight up to the meat....
It is the same principle as the open BBQ pits that were made of cinder block or bricks. Some of these old pits were 20-30 feet long, fired completely by wood, and produced true Southern pit BBQ. Every town of any size had someone selling "Real Pit BBQ" along the roadside...Sometimes it was a restaurant, filling station, or often a stand alone BBQ joint! ~~~~ The Rendezvous, Nationally Famous Restaurant in Memphis uses a similar method to produce their Charcoal Grilled (loin back) Ribs.

pandemonium ~~ From the time I struck the match till time to eat...probably 10 hours...Time on the heat...About 7 hours...The first 3 hours was spent burning down wood to coals....

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Corn Cob you ever make a cobbler in a iron duch oven over them coals and some on top?
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Yep....but biscuits are my favorite!

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Hahaha!! Well you and the guy with the ocean in the backyard think about the old man when it's 100* out, and I'm on a John Deere bush hogging...Drink a cool one for me!
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