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Dinner Party Rib Smoke

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Doing 3 racks of trimmed spares, some beans and abts. We're having some neighbors over for some bbq & brew. Smoke is in progress as we speak. Cooking at 235 deg with chunks of pecan. Top rack is all the trimmings and the abts will go on in a couple of hours. Gonna smoke the ribs unfoiled for about 7 hours. Using my homemade western carolina bbq sauce on two racks then a south carolina mustard gold sauce on the third.

Happy smoking!!

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Should be a great day!
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Looks very appetizing so far.
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Keep-em coming looking good. I bet the neighbors will be over soon.
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Looks like your gonna have a great day of TBS.
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Now thats the way to get the yard of the month. You will very soon be the talk of the neighborhood. Looks great so far.
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Thanks for the kind words everyone. Ok here are some finished pics. Decided to sauce all the ribs with a sweet mustard carolina sauce. Turned out perfect!! Thanks for looking!

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Those look good right there! Nice job. points.gif
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