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Sounds great pops439.gif

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Nice story thanks for sharing. thanks for the recipe too.
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Adding that to list of tado's

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This is very interesting...I will give this a try as soon as I get back from Ca. after the 1st...This is the kinda stuff I like...its not just cooking it has history and a nice black iron pot of beans to go with fancy grill, open wood coals...

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I have been grilling chicken with Cornell sauce for years- the sauce was developed by a professor at Cornell University. I have found that brining is counterproductive, rather I grill the chicken half until there is noticeable moisture coming out of it AND THEN start saucing them generously and often. I believe that by this process you are making room for the delectable sauce to penetrate the chicken. I test for doneness by picking up the half  with a pair of gloves and twisting the leg- the leg should turn very easily and it's done. Great chicken and very common here in New York. Paul

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Yes!  I know right where you're located, been through there many many times, mother-in-law lived in Wolcott for many years and used to drive down to see her from Watertown.  Also used to play in a country band in Red Creek too; this was back in the 70's, can't remember the place we played in, tho.

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Was it Wells Fargo- I was drinking heavy in the 70's- maybe I know you. Paul

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Hahahahaha  I remember a bar in Baldwinsville called the Riverside..It was at the lock..from there we would ride out to Fulton and drink .25 beers at some hole in the wall.

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