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smoking polish sausage???

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I'm tired of the same old B's. (butt, brisket, boloney) and want to try something different.

Any reason I couldn't throw some polish sausage or brats on the drum for a few hours? I figure to cut them in chunks after smoking and reheat a day or two later at work.

Any hints or warnings you can supply?
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They will smoke just fine smoke them at 200-225 to an internal of 160 and they are ready to eat
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I usually just grill or sometimes fry. Love the taste!!!!
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i agree with the temp..should be fine
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I do this all the time when I am smoking. I need a little afternoon snack while smoking all day so I throw a ring or two of our venison sausage on the UDS and I love it that way.
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I also say take them to 156-160° or so and then you'll be fine.
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