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This is a great overview. I have been thinking of smoking some chicken for the first time and might try this. So quick question. A whole chicken or half chicken you brine for 10hours. Then chicken parts you only go 1-2 hours? Does it matter how many pounds of parts you have or not really? Just trying to find a starting point. Thanks again for a great outline.
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Yes, I would go overnight (10 hours) for a whole of half chicken. With parts (thighs, legs, wings, etc.) I would go 1.5 hours regardless of how many you have, and with breasts I would go 1 hour. I've used it on breasts, and it was awesome!

This brine works *EXTREMELY* well, and makes for some tender and juicy chicken. Tip's looks great, too, and I'm looking forward to trying it.
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I am smoking some whole chickens as I am typing this. I hope they come out good.

I brined the last poultry I made (some cornish hens) and it came out pretty good. This time I just injected the whole chickens (two 4.25# birds) with Vernors, then oiled them with a little EVOO and rubbed them with Jeff's Rub, followed by a spritzing of Vernors every hour. I am also smoking a fatty on the rack above the birds so the dripping goodness kisses the birds on the way down. (QView waiting for the new format)

I am using Hickory and it is smelling real good. Damn... I need a snack now.
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Thanks. I will be trying it out here some time. My little one loves chicken legs so I will have to make plenty.
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