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P1010521.JPG Here is the pics I was talking about below, I wish I could warn the poor people on ebay that will be taken with this builder

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This is the beams custom smoker we just got delivered. And after getting screamed at when we called to complain, he just doesnt return calls now or hangs up on us. It showed up with rusted fenders and paint missing. Extremely poor pitted welds, a hole in the top of the smoker. If you notice the warming box pic you'll see light coming through on the bottom left. Its not welded in that corner at all. The electrical wiring is electrical taped to frame, there is NO DAMPERS in anyway to control heat. Just wide open holes with expanded metal over them. It showed up with no temperature guages, it has no handles on to racks, they left metal from cutouts in bottom of chamber. They left everything on bottom that makes it a propane tank, the plate they used on back to cap cooking chamber was never grinded down, is all sticking up and jagged, nothing as far as doors seal up to prevent heat loss, the cutouts are jagged and cut any old way. This smoker is the absolute worst I've ever owned. I wish I could warn the poor people on ebay that are buying these, they have no idea. Just look at the pics, Don't you want to rush right now and buy one. Please warn others about the poor work and attitude of Beams Custom Smokers. It also came with no temp gauges that we had to go buy at a local store. Mr Beam told us to go to hell when we called for the 3rd time for them. This smoker is impossible to cook on. No temp control, holes everywhere, leaks in all doors ............      


I paid 2400 and almost 800 for shipping. And if you view this model on his sight, I didnt even get what I paid for. The smoker on beams custom smokers is supposed to be alot wider trailer, and the wood cage is supposed to be twice its width and run from the front to the back.... And be aware of the positive posts. Do some research on google, he was caught posting ads, and boosting his own bids on ebay with 12 user names. I recorded all his phone calls and unanswered calls to him and all emails. So I can send audio and emails at your request. He screamed at me like I was a piece of crap. Use you better judgment here. Search on google for beams custom smokers and see what you find


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PayPal has the ability to "Stop Payment" on your purchase!!!

They have an entire unit dedicated to resolve issues like yours.


How long ago did you purchase the unit?


What did you state on his feedback?




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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It would be really hard for me to consider spending my hard earned money on a smoker from this guy after all of the bad things I have heard  first hand from owners of his smokers. To me it isn't worth it just spend the extra money and get something better.

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I bought what appears to be the same smoker you have in March of 2010  but I had them extend out the storage rack w/ a fold down lid along with the axle being left full width. The welds and workmanship dont look any thing like what you have, they are fine. I also had my 2 upper racks not have the handles welded and I didn't notice when I picked it up or I'm sure he would have welded 2 angles on which I did once I got it home and noticed it. Also all the plugs from it's propane days are still in the bottom except 1 that I now use as a drain w/ a ball valve installed, but those being left in did't bother me. My paint job was fine and my trailer wires were not done with elec. tape as yours were. i don't have any daylight coming thru anywhere and it is actually a tight smoker, other than the vertical box doesn't really want to get above 190, but I will say when i fill it up with butts and the 12 that are in the vertical for 12-14 hrs get moved over to the other area to bark up and get to the finished temps. they wind up being some of the best butts out of the whole batch and they . Mine also came with temp guages installed (albeit cheap they still work fine)  unlike yours and after using this smoker for 14-16 times last year it is still in great shape. A couple of changes I would recommend to someone interested in these is to pay extra to get a thicker fire box and for whatever reason my door for the fire box is on the side not the back like yours , which I would prefer it to be on the back (it hits the brake light assy. when opening) My whole transaction was fine with Beams and he had it ready in 2 1/2 weeks as promised for me to come pick up. I have cooked with this at 5 competitions last year and everyboy liked it, especially when I tell them the price (the winter special of 1950 , and remember I had the wide axle and a lot larger storage area with a lid and added a new spare and mount. While cooking on this smoker I can usually stoke the fire box and if it is 70-100 degrees outside I can walk away for a about 2 hrs and 15 min.(w/ it maintaining 200-225) before I need to check it unless I was close to repositioning some of the meat. Your pics prove you had some bonified issues but my cooker and yours don't look anything alike in the quality of workmanship and again he delivered as promised and a smooth transaction. Would buy another if needed and would recomend with a few changes but nothing major. I just saw where smokin25 said this smoker is impossible to cook on an I find that hard to belive because I set my exhaust and my intake on the door of the fire box at about 2/3 rds closed each and never move them again for great constant temps. And I have loaned out 4 times to 3 diff. people and told them that info and all went well, no learning curve what so ever.

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i actually live right down the road from his shop and have seen his smokers. they look pretty good i don't see the problem, mabey somebody should ask for a picture of the smoker their getting before giving him any money. I also noticed that one guy was talking bad about his smokers, but he always recommmended this kingcookers maybe there's a connection and somebody on a different forum said the same thing about king cookers. i think it's the same guy on another account.

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I have a Beam smoker and LOVE it.  I have checked his feedback on e-bay, there are 147 and only one negative having to do with someone "THINKS" he is bidding up his smokers. otherwise the last 12 months he has a 100% feedback rating.. before I would rule out his smokers I would look for myself and not take what I read on all the forums as gospel.  MONEY has a way of making people lie about smokers....and conveniently plug another as being better than sliced bread.  Makes me wonder if there is a connection ???

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They say "film don't lie" and neither do pictures. That is one junky smoker. Would it even be possible that it is a "boot-leg" version of an authentic Beam...

There seems to be two totally opposite opinions as to the quality of these smokers.


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Attached is a pic of my ONE YEAR OLD Beam Smoker with flame burning thru the metal between the firebox and smoke chamber...VERY dissatisfied seeing as how this is my livelihood. I personally have repaired 4 broken welds.
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Name changed on Facebook to Greasyhill...hmmm
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