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moink question

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making some moinks tonight in my ECB. got everything all set just not sure what temp to get the moinks to when i pull them. any help is appreciated. going to use 3 meat combo
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Since moink is mainly gound meat, take them to 165° internal- they might go higher than that if you want the bacon crispy.
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great. that sounds good. prob going to smoke at 225-250. might let it go to 170 then to crisp it up. or i can just throw it on grill for last 10 minutes.
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At 250° should take you about 1 1/2-2 hours.

To change it up a bit, I have a friend that wraps the ground meat around a slice of water chestnut and then wraps with bacon-I don't like them that way but he does.

I'll take and dice up some jalapeno peppers and red onion and add to the meat for moink balls-kind of a deconstructed ABT.
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im going to put piece of mozzarella cheese in the middle i think or jack cheese but water chest sounds good too
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