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Trying something new...

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So I got handed a 3 foot give or take salmoncicle.. It's in the fridge defrosting now, and I have zero ideas on how to prepare it other than the fact that its gonna be smoked... My fileting skills are non-existant so my thoughts are to gut it and then cut it into 1inch steaks.. then toss those in the smoker.. not sure about a brine, was thinking about doing a mild rub of some sort maybe with some dill in it.. I don't cook or eat seafood much so I am pretty much at a loss.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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I would fillet it out and smoke the whole fillets with skin on. You might want to look on youtube for some instructions on how to fillet out a salmon. I know there are pin bones in them and I don't have a clue how you get them out. I fillet regular fish all the time but have never tried a salmon. Do a search for salmon and you will find a lot of recipes to brine your salmon in. That is what I do. You can wet brine or dry brine them and it will be great either way. I smoke mine at 150ish until the internal temp reaches 140 which is usually around 4 hours depending on the thickness of the fillets.
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Bearcarver has a great tutorial for Salmon in this thread: http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/for...ad.php?t=91264
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