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Brinkman Gourmet Charcoal Smoker

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Brinkman Gourmet Charcoal Smoker

Is this smoker worth $25.00 ???
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Can't cut/paste a picture ??
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Hard to see how you could go wrong at that price have seen them much higher. Even if you don't use it or like it you still have a backup smoker if you upgrade. You may have to modify it to get it to run just right but does not seem to hard from what I have seen. If it was me and I saw one at that price regardless of anything else I owned I would pick it up.
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Ive wasted $25 on worse things! Buy it and love it!!!
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My first smoker was an ecb and I loved it! For $25 that's a darn good deal. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Sounds like a pretty good deal. I'd jump on that in a second.icon_mrgreen.gif
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Update: I did find it on Crag's list in a town near me so i e-mailed. 1 day later it was available so i asked when i could pick it up. as this is a week day and peeps work i will have to wait til tomorrow for an answer.
Looks like it got it, Maybe??
4 yrs old only used it 4-5 time tired of looking at it in the garage, his loss my win

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Wow i got the smoker in good shape a little bent but no problem. grate are clean and the unit has not been mod
The only problem found in the water pan was missing!!
O well new $13.00 are there any good mod's for this unit that i need to look at before i start. probably won't use it for a week or so. Beer can chicken tonite, hope to get pictures, on my Weber kettle.
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Water pan = $12

I went to the Brinkmann website and found the water pan for sale = $12.

It's almost 1/2 the cost of what you paid for the smoker but you've still gotten away with a good deal. Good luck with your ecb!!
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Brinkman Gourmet Charcoal Smoker

I made most of the following mods:

I used the fiberglass tape to seal the lid but it frayed badly so I replaced it with tape used on the BGE which has lasted much better. The important mods are:
1) Charcoal grate lifted about and inch - you can get the grate at HD
2. Dampers at the bottom and the top vent - makes temp control so much easier
3) seal the lid with BGE tape
4) Buy a decent thermo (at HD) as the ECB one is a pos.

Enjoy the ECB and the forum where you will learn so much.
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Thanks Pete, looks like some easy mod's/updates..
Will try them out in the next week or so.
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