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MES wheels

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I have only had my MES 30" smoker for a day and already I want to figure out a way to make it better. biggrin.gif

I was thinking that I would like to have some casters on it or maybe set it on a flat 'cart' type device. This would make it easier to roll it in and out of the garage.

I was planning on making a base with wheels that I could set it on. Before I do, I was wondering if anyone knows of something that is commerically available, or if anyone has any better ideas that you may have learned along the way.

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I just bought a cheap hand truck and 1 tie down strap . I roll it out my shed ,Undo the strap and smoke. Then when done,put the strap back on and back into my shed.
Also have seen where folks have used corner brackets and a wooden refridgerator dolley and screwed the mes to the dolly.
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I use old TV stands that I bought at garage sale's for $5 bucks each.
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I dont recomend putting threaded casters on it, I did that to mine and was rolling it and hit a seam in the conrete. BAM. Bent the sheet metal. On mine (sam's club) the sheet meatal is not that strong. I ended up mouting casters to a piece of 3/4" plywood and move it around on. I like Eman's Idea of the cheap hand cart. Wish I had tought of that one.
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I like the hand cart idea too. I am going to have to look into that.
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Take a look here for some ideas too.
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Great info! Thanks

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