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What to do with the point, a day (or so) later??

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I did my first brisket & thought it turned out great, however the point in some places shredded easily but the parts inward seemed a little tougher. It has been a couple days now and all the flat is gone. What can I do with the rest of the point? I cubed it and still have lots of au jus left I can do something with.

Should I nuke it? Resmoke it in rub & au jus or BBQ sauce? I saw a youtube video where a guy just puts it in a food processor after cubing it into chunks and makes shredded beef for BBQ sammies. Maybe I can add taco seasoning and make tacos or enchiladas, or beef filled egg rolls like I q-viewed with pulled pork last year?

Any suggestions? I still have about a full quart zip lock bag left.

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Simmer in your aujus and shred it for sammies or tacos, or whatever.
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Sounds like you have some good ideas!!

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That point meat would make some pretty good stew meat cubed up.

Or make some chili with it? :D
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I'd cube it, put on some more rub, and smoke it for burnt ends.

I do like the idea of pulling and making tacos out of it though.
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Put the cubed point in a foil pan hit it w/ some more rub and back into the smoker for burnt ends. Or add sweet bbq sauce after the rub and back into the smoker for what i like to call meat candy.
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Wow, so many good ideas. Maybe I better look to buy another brisket? hahaha!

Maybe I will try the burnt ends and if that don't work to my liking throw it in the food processor?

Or maybe I can put it with au jus in the crockpot for a few hours and eat it during the draft? Or add some diced tomatoes and some homemade canned chili w/meat to the crockpot...

I better order Pizza Hut until I debate all these great ideas a little longer!
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makes some really good baked beens with it
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If you have a slicer, just slice it thin and use some of that juice to make French dipped sammies..
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Smoke that too!! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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