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Turkey Dressing sandwich

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Shared this with a member so I thought I would pass it on to everyone. I would imagine you could smoke the birds also and then pull the meat off. This is a really good recipe that I have used often.

Hope you enjoy

An electric roaster is a must!

Prepare 2 eighteen pound thawed or fresh turkeys by rinsing and removing the “extra parts”. Simply place them in a roaster breast side up (don’t add any liquid). Cook at 350 degrees until the meat is falling off the bone. Usually this takes 3-4 hours. When they are done remove the bones, skin etc.. Put all white and dark meat in a Tupperware container and refrigerate. (If you want to prepare a day or 2 before your event)

Remember to save all of the drippings! Works great to put them in a pitcher and refrigerate.

Day of Event: Get your roaster back out and set at about 300-350. Melt about one pound of butter in bottom of roaster. Add turkey meat.

Pour in about (3) tall canisters of stovetop (chicken flavor) stuffing with seasoning. Add drippings. Salt well with Lawry’s seasoning salt. Add about 2-3 large tall cans of chicken broth. Stir together well. Let cook. Have a couple of extra cans of broth handy for later if you need more liquid.

Consistency changes as it cooks. Be sure to keep adding chicken broth to keep very moist. Stuffing absorbs a lot. You can also add water if you choose. Meat kind of shreds itself as it cooks and is stirred. This process only takes about 2 hours and it is good to go. If you need to leave it for a while turn to low and make sure there is enough liquid and it will be fine.

Left overs freeze well!

This should feed 40+ people. You will find that some people just put it on their plate and eat it with a fork.
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This sounds really good. How would it be if the turkey was smoked for a while before the roaster/stuffing/final cooking? I'm always looking to make things more difficult... PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Thanks, I will have to try that with my Electric Smoker/Roaster.
Do you think it could be baked into a dressing?
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I think you could smoke the birds first and then pull the meat off and start the shredding process.
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