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Need some info on chicken legs

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I picked up some chicken legs today am going to soak then over night. I have never smoked legs before how long and at what temp do I smoke them? Thanks for any info.
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Use this.................

Look on the left hand side of your screen and ou ill see the link there on SMF...Good luck and ont forget the queu view
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I like to do them hot and fast 325-350 gives a nice crisp skin and about an hour fifteen to hour and a half at those temps
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350 to 375 is the way to go on chicken to get the skin right. Chicken doesn't need the low n slow that tough cuts require.

Might I ask why you are soaking the legs? Are you brining or just soaking in water? Any marinading going on with them?

Take pics and enjoy your chicken - sorry you have to have chicken though.
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I did a batch just this last weekend....marinaded in Whickers and Texas Pete for about 4 hours. Built a fire in the Kettle on one side, seared all around, then stacked on the opposite side. Dropped a chunk of pecan on the coals, closed the lid vent to about 3/4, and let go for about two hours. You can put them back over the coals at the end to crisp up the skin....done all the way through, moist, smokey and a little spicy. Good stuff icon_cool.gif
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