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warm weather

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First let me say thank you for all of you that had good words for my son the Marine over in afg. It been a month since i wrote. havnt really been in the mood. Talked to my son today and I feel better, so good i am going to do ribs on saturday and a brisket on sunday. Looks like a lot of beer and wood for the weekend. Treating some friends and my wife to some good eats. I will toast my boy with a beer. Only wish I could send him some ribs. He will be home in October. Then we will eat and drink like kings. Again thank you for your prayers and thoughts. You are a great group of me and women. true americans.
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Thankyou for you sacrifice! And Thankyou to your son for his patriatism and the fine work he is doing to make our homeland a safer place!
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Both of my sons were deployed to the region. Very hard at first but it seemed to lessen with time. Five tours between the two both came home just fine. May God bless yours and thank him for the service that keeps our country free. I will raise a beer right now in his HONOR!!!PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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I know it is hard and you miss him, I did 29 total yrs in military, 5 in the Marines and 24 in the Army. I was retired when my Son went over. I had know idea how hard it is on those home. Have a beer for him and tell him Sempre Fi for me noex time you talk. If you ever just want someone to talk to pm me ok

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thank you and I will pm when I am feeling down. thank you for your service. Lost a brother in Nam. I ride by his grave every day and say hello. I wish i got to know him. I was only 11
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Thank you, to you and your family. I am able to sleep peaceful tonight.
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God bless our military.
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May God bless your son, keep him strong, and return him home safe!

My prayers are with you and i will have a beer on his behalf (and yours) this coming weekend!
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Glad you got to talk with him. Thank you for raising a son with a commitment to country and thank him for his service we truly appreciate it. Have a great smoke
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Semper Fi! This country needs more good men and women to put the greater good before their own interests. I'd raise a toast to him right now but a beer at works gets strange looks.
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