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Best of luck on the new business. I lived in Queens most of my life and one thing that was missing was ANY good BBQ. You better watch out for Mayor Bloomberg and his scorched stomach regime. They have been on the ban smoking, salt, sugar, etc. bandwagon and I am sure they will love the idea of you attacking the ozone layer with thin blue smoke!!! Tread carefully because as you might know, NYC can be a tough place to do business.
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for all the welcome

Thanks to everyone for the smokey welcome.... Yeah, been eating one sort of bbq or another from around the world for most of my life - whole pig in Philippines, spare ribs in Thailand, beef and pork bbq in Korea, venison in California, etc. etc. and loving each and every time I get to do so.

Also, thanks to everyone for the input on whether to go natural or buy a professional grade - i actually think we are going to get a professional grade (or 2) to ensure quality and consistency, but at the same time we want a smaller one to do some "experimenting". This could be used to feed the bar and offer guests some free food in exchange for their reactions. And it allows us to open and close to increase the amazing smell of smoking food.

Yes, NY laws are tough - but not that bad, they allow smokers and open flame cooking here, you just have to have fire suppression and ventilation. Both of which cost money - :) (doesn't everything?)

So thanks and I hope to share some recipes, pics and even video VERY soon.

Oh - I think we have a name, please DO provide feedback if you want - the name, right now, is:

cowpunk bbq
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Howdy & Welcome aboard the SMF!! Displaced NY'er here.

Big Ups to Brooklyn!!
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Name: Pimping BBQ or BBQ Pimps or Pimp Daddy's BBQ
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Just watch out for the nimbys

(04/29/10) GLEN COVE - Neighbors of a new barbecue restaurant in Glen Cove say the smell coming from the adjoining smokehouse is too much to stomach.
Big Apple BBQ on Forest Avenue has been approved to smoke its meat in-house and says its smokestack does not violate any ordinances.

The City of Glen Cove sent some recommendations to the restaurant owners on how to modify the stack. The owners say they’re willing to make changes, such as extending the stack and redirecting the smoke, to resolve the problem.

Some nearby homeowners say that’s not good enough and want the smokestack removed.

They also went after Smokin Al's in
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